UniteHere! Local 17


Twin Cities Hospitality Union


New Organizing

What does Unite Here Local 17 fight for: 


Labor unions like Local 17 advocate for higher wages or fair wages for employees using collective bargaining, which is a process of negotiation. Without unions like us, businesses could pay lower wages or pay some employees more money for doing the same job as someone else with the same experience. Unions negotiate for wages that become part of the union contract. This creates an industry standard.


Unions like us work with businesses to provide some  job security for workers by negotiating contracts that protect workers' rights. Workers cannot be disciplined without just cause.

Working Conditions

Unite Here Local 17 fights for better working conditions. Many times, labor unions have negotiated with a business to improve safety in the workplace to keep the employees safe while working.


Union officials negotiate benefits for employees, which include health insurance, pension or 401K and vacation time. Without the union advocating for the employees, businesses could stop providing some benefits, but with the union involvement, businesses must negotiate with unions before any changes can be made.

More Work with Less Workers Means Increased Injury Rates

It is no secret that the hospitality industry is coming back after several difficult years, but what does that mean for the workers in this industry?

With higher workloads and fewer workers, not everyone is benefiting fully. Profits that are coming in to the hotels are coming on the backs of workers.

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Hotel Profitability Coming at Workers’ Expense