Working Families Will Not Be Silenced by Supreme Court Case!

Last week, the US Supreme Court heard a case that would limit public sector workers’ freedom to join together and negotiate for a fair return on their work.

What the corporate-backed groups who brought this case forward don’t understand is that no matter how much they attack us – working people won’t be silenced. Just take a look at West Virginia where educators stood up to corporate special interests – who for too long have not respected the important work educators do every day. West Virginia teachers finally said enough is enough and went on strike for 9 days to improve their classrooms and their students’ lives.

We’ll stand together against the rich and powerful for a better life for your family and my family and every working family. Because we do the work. We pave the streets. We drive the buses and walk the beats. We are working people. We won’t be shoved aside. We are Minnesota’s Labor movement, and we will not be denied.

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2018 Will Be A Make It Or Break It Year For ALL Unions

This year our Union will be facing potentially huge challenges.

Late in February the Supreme court will hear a case that could affect our freedom to come together and negotiate a fair return on work. The outcome could largely defund and diminish our power. This would make it it even harder to organize more workers into the union.

To maintain our Union, we will need to stand together to keep our strong contracts and to educate others around us about the importance of those contracts how the Union works for all of us.

We will work with elected officials to pass laws that support working people and their families. In 2018, we will need to be more active than ever in the political process. In Minnesota, we need to elect a new Governor that will continue Governor Dayton’s fight for our freedom to come together in our Union! We will also have to be active in a number other state races so our allies at the Capitol in St. Paul can support us as well.

Corporate lobbyists, the wealthiest 1% and CEOs have friends in Washington D.C., the White House and Congress who are hurting working people, immigrants and families. We have opportunities to send two Senators and several Congress people who will fight for working families back to Washington.

You need to step up and be involved in this process! Check back here on how you can be involved in your shop or in the community to affect change for working people.