Dues During Lay-off

During a lay-off you may chose not to pay your Union dues, but after 2 months you will be put on a “withdrawal status” from the Union.

If you are on “withdrawal” from the Union you are still protected by union and the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The union will still continue to represent you when you return to work or on any other issues required.

If you are on “withdrawal” you are not able to attend membership meetings or vote on union issues or elections.

When you return to work you will not be charged an initiation fee.

If you would like to remain a member while on lay-off, so that you can remain active with the Union, you may set up a recurring dues payment using the links on this page.

Have you received a letter requesting payment for past dues? You can safely and conveniently pay them here:

Reoccurring Dues Payment is a great way to support the Union and makes life easier for you! If you work in a shop and receive 0 checks you can conveniently set up automatic dues payments to avoid having to pay back dues. This makes sure you are in continuous good member standing!

If you work in an on-call shop you can set up automatic dues payments and not have to worry about getting dues refunds. As a member you also have the right to vote and hold Union office.

You can safely and conveniently set up a reoccurring payment here: