UNITE HERE Local 17 is Minnesota’s Hospitality Union! We represent more than 6,000 workers in hotels, restaurants, sports complexes, convention centers, and the airport in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and surrounding suburbs. We are proud to be a diverse union, comprising workers from many immigrant communities speaking more than 17 languages. Our priorities are to negotiate great contracts for our members, empower workers to have a voice on the job, and organize non-union workers. Through organizing, UNITE HERE Local 17 is helping to turn traditionally low-wage jobs into good, family-sustaining, middle-class jobs.

UNITE HERE Local 17 is affiliated with the UNITE HERE International Union, which represents more than 270,000 workers in the United States and Canada. The hospitality workers of UNITE HERE provide the very best customer service while fighting to secure the wages and benefits we deserve and a real voice on the job.

UNITE HERE Local 17 Members will continue to shape Minnesota in the coming years. We strive to gain the best wages and benefits in the hospitality industry and we succeed!