Who Are we?

UNITE HERE is comprised of workers from many backgrounds working in hotels, casinos, stadiums, food service, airport concessions, school cafeterias, apparel factories and many other industries. Working together, we change lives.

Why Union?

Join more than 6,000 hospitality workers in the Twin Cities Metro Area who have a union contract! With a contract you have a seat at the table negotiating respect on the job, health and safety, wages and benefits, and much more.

In a non-union shop you have none of the rights union workers have including wages that are negotiated with employers, a contract that guarantees those wages and the right to have a voice on the job!

Why does my employer oppose unions?

Your employer doesn’t want you to have a union because they want to make unilateral decisions about the terms and conditions of your employment without your input. Terms and conditions of employment include, but are not limited to, an employee’s job responsibilities, work days, hours, breaks, dress code, vacation and sick days, pay, as well as benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, and retirement plans.

My workplace doesn’t have a union how do I join?

There is a specific legal process to win a union at your shop. Email us here for more information!

NOTE: All information submitted will be kept strictly confidential.