Working Families Will Not Be Silenced by Supreme Court Case!

Last week, the US Supreme Court heard a case that would limit public sector workers’ freedom to join together and negotiate for a fair return on their work.

What the corporate-backed groups who brought this case forward don’t understand is that no matter how much they attack us – working people won’t be silenced. Just take a look at West Virginia where educators stood up to corporate special interests – who for too long have not respected the important work educators do every day. West Virginia teachers finally said enough is enough and went on strike for 9 days to improve their classrooms and their students’ lives.

We’ll stand together against the rich and powerful for a better life for your family and my family and every working family. Because we do the work. We pave the streets. We drive the buses and walk the beats. We are working people. We won’t be shoved aside. We are Minnesota’s Labor movement, and we will not be denied.

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