Local 17 Members Fight Tip Penalty!

On Monday, April 16th Rep. Joe McDonald (R-Delano) brought legislation (HF 4061) before a House Committee to cut pay for tipped workers and allow their employers to pay less than minimum wage otherwise known as a Tip Penalty. Local 17 members turned out to let them know that a tip penalty isn’t right!

Local 17 servers spoke about the importance of their jobs to their family. All of these servers have been able to raise a family, go to school and live a comfortable life based on their hard work. They let the Committee know that they deserve a fair return on their work!

Local 17 Political director Wade Luneburg shared the history of a Tip Penalty in Minnesota with the Committee. Workers fought against the tip penalty and Minnesota repealed it in 1984! Wade let them know that we are proud to support working families and implored them not to take Minnesota backwards!

All working people deserve a fair return on work and Local 17 will stand against the legislature’s attempt to take money away from working people!