St. Paul: Don’t take money away from working families!

Right now, the City of Saint Paul is at the threshold of passing a minimum wage similar to the one that has already been adopted by Minneapolis.  UNITE HERE Local 17 emphatically supports such an increase to the standard of living for working families that is supported by Mayor Carter. Saint Paul workers deserve $15 One Fair Wage.

Disappointingly, the Saint Paul City Council may be considering an amendment to the Minumum Wage Ordinance that allows businesses to pay home health care and tipped workers a lower minimum wage. This lower minimum wage unfairly targets home health care and tipped workers and effectively takes money out of working people’s pockets!

This lower minimum wage is being supported by the same corporate lobbyists who are working with Republicans at the state level to pass a pre-emption law, which would take away the freedom of Cities to pass their own minimum wage ordinances. Corporations just received a windfall tax break from Donald Trump, paying home health care and tipped workers less just puts more money in their already full bank accounts. The Saint Paul City Council needs to support working families, not the already wealthy corporations!

Contact the City Council and tell them not to take money away from working families!

Sample message:
1. My name is X, I am a constituent who lives/works in your Ward
2. Please pass a strong $15 minimum wage
3. We need one fair wage that does not treat restaurant or home care workers differently.

City Council contact info: